Vital Records at Your Fingertips

Simplifying the collection and verification of vital records, making critical documents accessible, and
generating efficiencies for employees and businesses.

The Problem:
As people return to work, we need systems in place that ensure workers and customers feel safe and less fearful of engaging in everyday activities. Surveys show that more needs to be done to bolster the country's confidence.

But anxiety and fear give us great pause:
Fear of getting ill
Fear of infecting others
Fear of financial stress
Fear of giving up your privacy and civil liberties
Fear of not having the freedom to live the life you want to live

The Solution:
A confidential and secure method of certifying COVID-19 test results allowing businesses, industries, and health organizations to confidently resume operation that will ensure individuals and companies will feel and be secure at work, at the store, and at events.


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The Solution:
Digital birth and death certificates offering lower costs, increased security, and an improved process

Introducing Vital Chain

Vital Chain makes your medical record data more user-friendly by enabling fast, secure, and digitally verified paths to acquire and use it. We enable economic progress and expense savings for all members of the healthcare record ecosystem – patients, hospitals, and medical data users.

Through the application of its secure, patent-pending technology, Vital Chain ends the reliance on legacy paper-based system to manage vital records, providing a digital record and validated proof of an individual's life and health status.

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Vital Chain is implementing medical best practices into its app-based technology. This effort is being led by Toby Cosgrove, MD.

The Process

Step-by-Step Process of How Employers and Employees Utilize Vital Chain

Step 1:

Employer establishes a
testing policy, informs their
employees and directs them
to Vital Chain.

Step 2:

Employees access
Vital Chain and register
their account.

Step 3: 

Employees get tested by
third-party providers at
specified locations.

Step 4: 

Employees receive test
results from Vital Chain.
The certificates can be
used to confirm medical test results at their
place of employment.

The Benefits of Vital Chain

About Vital Chain

Vital Chain is a digital tool to certify a person’s health status. For COVID-19, Vital Chain confirms an individual’s test result after they are tested and their result certified by a trusted third-party medical professional.

It provides a way to lift the stay-at-home order and reopen the economy in a safe and responsible manner. Many officials and medical experts agree that testing is critical to monitor and control the disease.


How it Works

The Vital Chain Solution

A world-class vital records solution where data is digitally verified and shared, enabling economic progress and expense savings.

Through the application of its secure, patent-pending technology, Vital Chain ends the reliance on legacy paper-based systems to manage vital records, providing a digital record and validated proof of an individual’s life and health status.



Private, Secure, and Immutable


  • Healthcare Workers, First Responders, and Teachers FREE

    Protecting those on our nation’s front-lines​

  • Individuals FREE

    Individuals never pay and are free to display their health status as they deem necessary​

  • Enterprises PAY

    Free 90 day trial

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Meet the Team

Vital Chain has a seasoned executive team at its helm, with experience in government and the banking, finance, insurance, and medical industries. Across these sectors, the team has grown and led consumer businesses both large and small. It is this first-hand knowledge of customer needs that gives the team a vital edge.

Executive Team

Bernie Moreno portrait

Bernie Moreno

Bernie has 30+ years in the retail luxury automotive and technology businesses.
Shane Bigelow portrait

Shane McRann Bigelow

Chief Executive Officer
Shane has worked for 20+ years on all sides of the investment and entrepreneurial worlds.
Bo Shim portrait

Bo Shim

Chief Technology Officer
Bo is a technical executive with a track record of leading strategic programs, quality decision making, and unlocking speed to value.

Vince O'Neill

Head of Sales
Vince has 20+ years of experience in SaaS and technology sales focused on early stage and high growth opportunities.

Thomas "L.T." Slater

Head of Strategic Relationships
L.T. is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the venture capital and private equity industry.

Board of Directors

Bernie Moreno portrait

Bernie Moreno

Chairman of Ownum
Shane Bigelow portrait

Shane McRann Bigelow

Chief Executive Officer of Ownum

Dr. Telos "Toby" Cosgrove

Former President & CEO of Cleveland Clinic

Michele Sullivan

Former President of Caterpillar Foundation and Former Director of Corporate Social Innovation, Caterpillar, Inc.

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